The development of a wide-ranging university in the context of the transformation of the university network

Financing: Central Project Management Agency

Main purpose of the project is to strengthen and develop the activities of the Communication and Technology Transfer Center (CTTC) in order to create financial benefits for creators of intellectual property and innovative businesses. The goal of the project is to increase the financial value of contracts with business companies by 20% per year. The target group is university employees responsible for the commercialization of science and its results in the institution.

In order to achieve the goal of the project, it is planned to:

  • consolidate the organizational structure and management processes of CTTC; apply CTTC’s joint service team model, with initiative-based networking;
  • identify and develop joint business and scientific initiatives, implement projects in the direction of smart specialization of agro-innovations and food technologies, focusing on results that can be applied in practice, creating added value;
  • create a commercialization system for innovative solutions based on competences, identifying innovations and technology transfer development stages;
  • carry out active publicity and marketing of services that ensure effective science-business cooperation, create an “Innovation SMART network” that integrates the collection, systematization and analysis of analytical information relevant to commercialization and knowledge and technology transfer, a database of business contacts and its management tools.