Master in International Business and Technology Law


This program is offered in response to the challenges posed by rapid digitalization and robotics to business law by combining relevant aspects of two branches/institutes of law – business and technology law.
The aim of the master’s study program is to prepare highly qualified masters of law who know the specifics of international business and technology law institutes and their interaction, are able to independently and critically analyze problems of the synergy of international business and technology law in the contexts of the development of artificial intelligence, changes in relevant legal science, globalization of business and legal environment (integrating articulation at the international, EU and national levels), to find and propose concrete solutions to complex international business situations, taking into account the latest theories of legal science and the requirements of professional legal ethics.


Master in International Business and Technology Law provides multiple career paths and a variety of employment opportunities. Graduates can choose to work in different areas, including public and private sector, International and EU institutions, start their own business, or become a member of the regulated legal profession. Employers will value student’s broad and interdisciplinary knowledge in the complex synergy of business, law and technologies.
This degree entitles its holder (who also has the bachelor’s degree in law) to be a member of the regulated legal professions (such as judge, procurator, notary, attorney, bailiff, jurist, etc.)
The graduate has the right to enroll to the third cycle studies.


Feedback of lecturers and students

Feedback of students:

  • Rza Mustafayev (Azerbaijan) – graduate of 2019 “Master’s degree at VMU was a turning point in my life with its amicable faculty members, matchless dedication to quality, and strong benevolent ties between university and students. These features combined with guest professors from well-known universities all over the world and affordable prices and scholarship opportunities for everyone make VMU an ideal destination to give your education an international shape. Despite having graduated I still keep in warm touch with all lecturers of the Law Faculty and benefit from valuable knowledge they have shared with me. Without exception, all lecturers are highly qualified specialists and made every effort to contribute to our personal and professional development.”
  • Giorgi Katsitadze (Georgia) – graduate of 2020 “From the beginning of the studies I was convinced that I have made the best decision of my life by choosing this program. Lithuania was a great place to study because of its safe environment, cheaper living expenses, friendly, hospitable people, the scholarship and high-quality education provided by VMU, as well as the diploma, which is recognized worldwide and provides a lot of help in finding a good-quality job after graduation. I had an opportunity to get familiar with fellow peers from all around the world, with their culture and traditions, share experience and knowledge, make lifetime connections. I used this opportunity to introduce my own country and culture to the world’s future generation. The professors were always ready to assist, encourage and support innovative ideas presented by the students. VMU has friendly environment for everyone. Perfect technical support group and coherent online platform make studying process much more suitable. In addition to that, which was particularly impressive to me, every building has a history and heritage of the university merged harmoniously with modernity.”
  • Irina Gorškova (Lithuania) – graduate of 2022 „I would like to express my gratitude to the lecturers of the program of VMU University, Faculty of Law for their high professionalism and competence, for their goodwill, patience and willingness to answer all students’ questions. I hope that many years of experience and sincere dedication to your work will help to further improve the spiritual and intellectual level of your new students. I would like to point out that the university has all the necessary conditions for the educational process. The acquired knowledge is useful in further professional activities”.

Feedback of lecturers:

  • Lawyer, assoc. prof. Paulius Čerka: „International Business Law program is a very important phenomenon of today since daily lives of future lawyers can not be imagined without international legal elements. International Business Law studies are a great choice for those who aim to become effective lawyers in a rapidly changing world since this program grants opportunity to participate in the classes with the students from various cultures and backgrounds and solve legal problems in multi-cultural teams.“
  • Lawyer, assoc. prof. Jurgita Grigienė: “I had great experience teaching in this program and working with the students who come from all over the world. I encourage you to choose the International Business Law program as you will not only learn how to apply the law in theory but also will get practical experience comparing different legal systems“.
  • Prof. Charles Szymansky: „What’s unique about VMU’s Master’s program in law is that students learn how to think like a lawyer.  It’s not just about memorization –  while graduates obtain knowledge of the law, more importantly, they gain complex problem-solving skills that stay with them wherever their career paths will lead.“

Competencies acquired

Having completed the study program, graduates will be able to:

  • analyze and apply in practice main legal acts, principles and case law regulating modern international business, technologies, and data protection in the contexts of national, EU and international comparative legal regulation, taking into account the latest legal science and related theories and requirements of professional legal ethics.
  • initiate, organize, conduct and interpret scientific and applied research in modern international business and technology law at the national and international levels, applying specialized research methodologies, assessing their impact from a social and ethical point of view and presenting scientifically based conclusions.
  • use national and foreign information sources, relevant databases, and modern technologies efficiently and productively in conducting research.
  • independently identify problems of legal regulation in the field of international business and technology law and propose possible solutions, holistically evaluating various legal and scientific doctrines, international experience, following the imperatives of the protection of human rights and public welfare.
  • independently model instruments for the regulation of legal relations and resolution of disputes that arise when smart technologies are used in international business law by analyzing and evaluating the activities of individuals in the context of the principles and provisions of law in accordance with scientific doctrine, interdisciplinary approach, international experience and requirements of professional ethics, is able critically assess the consequences and risks of decisions.
  • present his / her attitude, knowledge and skills in native and second language fluently and reasonably in the context of modern international business and technology law, in different management levels, competencies and cultures, while respecting cultural and traditional diversity and demonstrating leadership skills.
  • have a wide scope of interdisciplinary critical thinking, is able to apply skills acquired during studies and independent learning experience in the ever-changing context of globalization, taking responsibility for the development and strengthening of the legal profession, and is able to continuously study independently, by using acquired knowledge and skills in the practice of modern international business and technology law.


Faculty of Law (inquiries regarding study programme)
Contact person Giedrė Lukaševičienė,
Address Jonavos str. 66, Room 113, Kaunas 44138, Lithuania


International Cooperation Department (inquiries regarding application and admission)
Visiting Address V. Putvinskio g. 23, room 211, LT-44249 Kaunas, Lithuania
Mailing Address K. Donelaičio g. 58, LT-44248 Kaunas, Lithuania