Menu for Justice – Toward of a European Curriculum Studiorum in Judicial Studies

In 2013 the grandiose academic project “Menu for Justice – Toward of a European Curriculum Studiorum in Judicial Studies” (JUSTMEN) (see was completly finished by the publication of two books:

(1) the main report based outcome: Amato R., Berkmanas T., Carp R., et al. Legal Education and Legal Training in Europe. Ed. D. Piana, P. Langbroek, T. Berkmanas, O. Hammerslev and O. Pacurari. The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, 2013;

(2) Pasquale Policastro, ed. Towards Innovation in Legal Education. The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, 2013.

In this project VMU (de facto, scholars of the Unit, especially Tomas Berkmanas) was one of the partners and represented Lithuania among all EU and some other non- EU countries. As stated in project’s webpage project “aims to offer an overview of the regulatory and practical barriers European countries are confronting when it comes to the reform of legal and judicial training programs. The project aimed to conduct a critical review of the contents of training.” These books are the quintessence of the scholarly achievements of researchers that took part in this project including the scholars of the Faculty of Law. They provide with the valuable source for all who want to know more about how legal education is conducted all over the Europe, what models are implemented (for example, Bologna model of separated bachelor and master studies or classical integrated studies model), what are unique peculiarities of legal education in each country and what problems they encounter.