Corruption in Medicine: Concept, Signs and Prevention

The aim of the project is to identify the forms of corruption in medicine and to analyse to what extent the corruption prevention measures implemented in Lithuania and help to fight with the corruption.


1) to establish a classification forms of corruption in medicine based on scientific sources;

2) to assess the publicly available data of at least three Lithuanian health care institutions on the implemented corruption prevention measures and their compliance with the requirements of the Law on Prevention of Corruption;

3) to investigate the successful examples of fighting with corruption in the health care sector and the applied prevention measures in at least two other EU countries (or at least one EU country and the USA).

The results to be achieved are: completion of each of the above tasks, which aims to contribute to the identification of clearer forms of corruption in the medical sector, as well as the submission of proposals for the improvement of the Law on Prevention of Corruption and for each hospital studied, and the presentation of good practices of foreign countries in the fight against corruption as an example for Lithuania and its health sector.