The Development of the Public Electronic Services of the Lithuanian Language Syntactic and Semantic Analysis Information System (SEMANTICS 2)

This project is the continuation of the previous project No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-12-K-01-007 “Lithuanian Language Analysis System for the Corpus, Web Texts Analysis and for the Public Services Applications (SEMANTICS 1)” (for the results, see also, which was conducted from 2012 till 2015. These projects are relevant in a legal field because the natural language processing technologies and their applications are interdisciplinary field.

It is impossible to create high sophisticated, state-of-the-art level digital tools and solutions (especially for under resourced, non-commercial, very flexible language as Lithuanian is) for automatic analysis of legal text, language models for speech recognizer in legal domain, digital tools for automatic legal texts summaries production, legal texts corpus creation without the participation of law researchers. From this close interdisciplinary collaboration of researchers in informatics, linguistics, law fields emerge innovative digital solutions, tools, resources and digital services, with wide range of applications in legal domain, public domain and academic research domain.

For now, in this concrete project (Semantics 2) dr. Paulius Astomskis participates representing the Faculty of Law. Starting from Fall of 2018, 1-2 more researchers are planned to be involved from the Faculty of Law side and working on legal aspects of this project.

The aim of this project is to modernize and develop the statal information system “Lithuanian language syntactic and semantic analysis information system” (i.e. by modernizing and creating new electronic services related to written language and extraction of electronic texts from various sources, by creating information technologies solutions, which the innovative information technologies product / service developers can take over. The following results will be achieved through the achievement of the objectives: 3 new electronic services will be created – the automatic phonogram transcription service, the automatic summary creation service, the right / desired university study program selection service – and will be upgraded one electronic service – automatic spell checker service; also, twelve new IT solutions will be created.

The overall budget of this project is. 2.823.411 euros, 2.642.035,50 euros are allocated to VMU, remaining 181.375,5 – to Kaunas Technology University as partner in the project.