Impact of Globalisation to Law: Procedural Law from a Cross-Border Perspective

It is still rather common for procedural law to be enclosed in the framework and tradition of national regulation and law. This field of regulation appears to be the matter of the “vernacular language” of law.

However, the tendencies or even necessities of a more universal approach in this sphere are becoming more and more evident in specific areas of procedural law, for example, in regulations relating to jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters, the development of the new forms of ADR processes, or widening the scope of the jurisdiction of the ICJ. At the European level, the topic of the harmonisation of civil procedure constantly attracts the attention of scholars, politicians and legal practitioners making the creation of a European law of civil procedure a more and more realistic endeavour. Even any given separate national legal system in this field already cannot escape globalisation driven by cross-border influences.

These and other issues of the globally relevant transformations in procedural law are the focus of the upcoming conference Impact of Globalization to Law: Procedural Law from a Cross-Border Perspective. Legal practitioners and scholars conducting research in the field of law as well as in related interdisciplinary fields are invited to take part in the event. However, it should be noted that presentations focusing on the problems of procedural law confined to only one specific national legal system – without any comparative perspective at the least – are outside the scope of the conference.

Conference Program


Date: 25th of April, 2014.

Venue: S. Daukanto str. 28, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Registration of participants: 9.00 – 9.30 a.m.

Opening of the conference: 9.30 a.m.

Closing of the conference: 17.00 p.m.



Oral or poster presentations are possible.

Oral presentations shall be approx. 15 min. long.



English and Lithuanian



Participants can use a PC and a multimedia projector (using PowerPoint). Presentations should be emailed to the organisers prior to the conference with the file name displaying the participant’s name and surname.



Submissions in English will be published in the Baltic Journal of Law & Politics, submissions in Lithuanian will be published in the journal Teisės apžvalga, so long as all such submissions meet all the requirements for publication as posted by the journals. Submitted papers are discussed and accepted for publication by the editorial committees in the order of their presentation. Please note that in no way does free publication incur an obligation on the part of the publishers to publish the papers.


The publication in the Baltic Journal of Law & Politics

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Formatting and other requirements are provided at this website:


The publication in the journal Teisės apžvalga [Law Review]

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As an organiser of the conference, Vytautas Magnus University Faculty of Law assumes no responsibility whatsoever, direct or implied, for the contents of the presentations and papers as well as for the consequences arising from misinterpretation or unawareness of the requirements for participation. The fact that you have submitted a registration form for the conference means that you have read and agreed with the present conditions.



The registration fee for a person making an oral presentation is 50 Euros. The registration fee for a person making a poster presentation is 30 Euros.



  • Certificate of participation
  • Admission to all sessions of the conference
  • The oral presentation of a paper (for those individuals who are selected to make an oral presentation)
  • Publication of a paper meeting the stated requirements, in the Baltic Journal of Law & Politics or the journal Teisės apžvalga [Law Review]
  • A printed copy of the Conference Programme
  • Coffee breaks, lunch, closing dinner
  • Free participation in planned social events [a calendar of social events will be provided two weeks before the conference]



Generally all the participants and speakers of the conference are expected to cover their travel and accommodation themselves. However, in specific cases and if agreed in advance the organizer of the conference may offer full or partial reimbursement of these expenses. The organizers of the conference will make their best effort to consult with prospective participants and speakers on the best travel and accommodation possibilities in Kaunas, Lithuania. Please, for this reason, feel free to use the contact information provided at the end.



The registration form will be posted at the special section of the VMU Faculty of Law website (

For all the presentations, the registration deadline is the 31st of December, 2013. The Conference Committee will inform applicants about the Committee’s final decisions on the acceptance of the presentations no later than by the 31st of January, 2014, but may inform applicants earlier depending on the date of the receipt of the registration form.

The registration fee for the presentation shall be paid to the University account no later than by the 28th of February, 2014. The failure to pay the registration fee will cancel the registration. The information about the University account will be provided in the registration form.

Paper submission deadline is the 31st of May, 2014. Please send your papers, written according to the formatting requirements, for publication at these e-mail addresses: (Baltic Journal of Law & Politics) or (Teisės apžvalga). You will be notified whether the paper is accepted for publication with an e-mail within four weeks after receiving the paper. If you should receive no reply, please contact the organisers by the e-mail or the phone provided at the end.



You will receive information about the events and times of the social programme at a later date.



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