Towards new study adventures: Erasmus+ application is in full swing

On February 21-23, VMU International Cooperation Department held a number of events for Erasmus Days’23.

We ensured our students had access to all the information they needed during the Erasmus Days regarding the study abroad programs we offer. Furthermore, during the Erasmus+ with the Cup of Coffee event, participating students got all the essential details about exchange opportunities during the consultation with coordinators. At the same time, they could enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in a friendly atmosphere.

During the Human Library event, students had a chance to meet and listen to the stories of their peers who took their opportunity and started their adventures with the Erasmus+ exchange programmes.

Our coordinators prepared online presentations about exchange opportunities, available countries, internships, and more for those who have yet to decide on their destination.

To add a bit of fun, we organized a Trivia night with the Erasmus+, where students could test their knowledge about the world and Erasmus+ exchange possibilities. 16 teams were participating and 3 of them were awarded. A team called “Viskas gerai” has won a first place.

Submit your Erasmus application on time! 

Check five different options for international mobility:

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