Conference “Coping with New Legal Challenges in Education”


The Vytautas Magnus University is holding a conference on Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September, from 9.30 am to17:00 pm.

In the conference “Coping with New Legal Challenges in Education”, researchers from various countries discuss key legal challenges facing schools in 2013: how can schools best protect the right to safety and dignity of its pupils and staff, maintain a safe educational environment, develop broad school structures to support troubled youth and pupils living in poverty? How are universities regulating potential risks of academic fraud and competing interests? New laws already apply in some countries, and are on the way in other countries.

The conference is presided by Professor Jan De Groof, Chargé de Mission to UNESCO for the Right to Education from 2007-2011 and present holder of the UNESCO Right to Education Chair at the College of Europe and Government Commissioner for Universities (Belgium) and co-chaired by Roberto Toniatti, former dean of the faculty of Law of the University of Trento.
Speakers are professors of education law and PhD researchers actively involved in reseach in the specialised areas of the legal framework of teacher reform, corruption and violence in education and broad schools.
There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

The conference is an initiative of a consortium of European Universities, coordinated by the European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA) and the Law Faculty of the Vytautas Magnus University, and is realised with the support of the European Lifelong Learning Programme.