In detail

Competencies acquired

At the completion of  the MIBL studies students will be able to:

  • analyze in the context of jurisprudence and apply in the legal practice the basic legislative acts regulating international business law, case law and principles of  international business law within different legal systems;
  • compare the system of dispute resolution institutions, their competence as well as the dispute resolution procedures in international business law;
  • settle the disputes arising in international business law;
  • make the decisions related to legal relationships in the international business environment.

Career opportunities

The MIBL programme is an integral part of the higher student education.  Therefore, the possibility to work in certain legal professions will depend directly on the first-level education.

Persons with the first-level university degree in law will be able to become lawyers (advocates, judges, notaries, bailiffs), occupy the position of bankruptcy administrator or work as top-level managers or in-house counsels in the companies operating on the international level.

Persons who have first-level higher education in economics will be able to work as bankruptcy administrators, top-level managers of the companies with an international dimension, as well as in-house counsels.

All other persons will be able to work as top-level managers in the companies with an international dimension and as in-house counsels.