Call for papers. Baltic Yearbook of International Law

The editors of the Baltic Yearbook of International Law announce a call for papers for volume 20 on a theme: „Lithuanian tradition in and research on international law”.

Research papers should concern themes within the field of international law that traditionally or recently have been researched in Lithuania, or should otherwise be addressed by scholars and practising lawyers in international law that have a background in Lithuania. They could deal with questions of the history of international law in Lithuania or look to the present and future, such as dealing with how smaller states could contribute in responding to the major challenge to the world order – the ongoing Russian aggression, or any other specific legal issue areas prominent in Lithuania such as the hybryd threats to international and national security, coping with migration crisis, combatting the COVID-19 pandemia. One could also look at Lithuania’s experiences in the UN, European and other international institutions. We welcome all good topics related to international law, either coming from Lithuania or with the Lithuanian angle.

Articles should be submitted by 30 September 2022. They should be sent to the following address: .

The Baltic Yearbook of International Law (BYIL) is an annual legal journal published by the Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) in co-operation with Brill Publishers. The Editors-in-Chief of the Yearbook are Ineta Ziemele, Judge at the European Court of Justice and Professor of RGSL (Latvia); Lauri Mälksoo, Professor of International Law, University of Tartu (Estonia); Dainius Žalimas, Dean and Professor of the Law Faculty at the Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania). Managing Editor: Ligita Gjortlere, RGSL.

Articles published in the Yearbook are peer-reviewed. Authors have to follow BYIL Guidelines for Authors.

Ineta Ziemele                  Lauri Mälksoo                           Dainius Žalimas

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