Research on impact of globalisation to law

In 2008, scholars of Vytautas Magnus University Faculty of Law gathered into a cluster “Research on Impact of Globalisation to Law”.

General research aim: the cluster aims at researching impact of globalisation on law traditions (cultures), law systems (public and private law), change of branches and institutions, their convergence and diversification.

Main research areas:

  • globalisation processes influencing law, and law areas that are influenced by globalisation processes (problem of research classification);
  • convergence of General and Continental Law traditions;
  • transformation of Continental Law traditions in the background of globalisation processes;
  • changes of institutes and branches of law, diversification when some legal cultures adopt experience of other legal cultures;
  • impact of globalisation processes on the Lithuanian law system.

Main practical aims:

to research impact of globalisation on law and its separate branches; present results of scholarly analysis in scientific publications, conferences, seminars and other means of information dissemination;
to include students of the Faculty of Law into activities related to the cluster’s topics of interest more actively; suggest that the students write their master’s theses on topics of the cluster.


  • Mokslininkų grupės vadovas prof. dr. Edita Gruodytė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • Klasterio tarybos pirmininkė prof. dr. Julija Kiršienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • Klasterio tarybos narys doc. dr. Tomas Berkmanas (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • Klasterio tarybos narė doc. dr. Saulė Milčiuvienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • prof. dr. Charles F. Szymanski (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • doc. dr. Jurgita Grigienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • doc. dr. Paulius Čerka (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • doc. dr. Linas Meškys (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dr. Paulius Astromkis (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dr. Jurgita Spaičienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dr. Aušra Kargaudienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dr. Evelina Žurauskaitė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dr. Mindaugas Bilius (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dr. Aušrinė Pasvenskienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • Milda Žaliauskaitė

Doctoral students:

  • dokt. Nerijus Strikulys (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dokt. Silvija Gervienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dokt. Vygantas Malinauskas (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dokt. Karolis Vinciūnas (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dokt. Simona Žižienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dokt. Neringa Palionienė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dokt. Kristina Astromskė (VMU Faculty of Law)
  • dokt. Mindaugas Šimonis (VMU Faculty of Law)