Joint Law degree studies

A joint Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree study program at Vytautas Magnus University is devoted to prepare lawyers who know well the essential and specific elements of Lithuanian legal system. The aim of the program is to prepare professionals who can represent and advise clients effectively and ethically, professionals who can resolve debates between the parties in a humanistic way considering a lawyers’ unique role which is that of the guarantor of justicein thesociety. These studies is the place where the professionals can easily qualify to work in European Union, Continental and Common law systems, transnational organizationsand international companies. During the studies students develop their abilities to apply common law norms and legal principles, learn to use modern legal databases, andprepare process documents. Students are encouraged to develop their legal English skills as well. In this program students study the theory of law, constitutional law, civil law and civil process, penal and penal procedure law, administrative law and process, international public law, law of finance, history of law, EuropeanUnion law, tax law, company law, intellectual property law, competition law, environmental law and other fields of law. The study program also organizesprofessional practice.

The graduates receive master’s degree of law which enables them to hold any legal type of work in public sector institutions and private sectorin Lithuania and abroad.

Joint law studies are uninterrupted studies covering first (bachelor‘s) and second (master‘s) degrees. Upon graduation,the graduates are conferred a law degree and lawyer’s professional qualification. The duration of studies is 5 years.

The tuition fee is 1127.20 € / 3892 LT for the academic year.


Secondary education is obligatory

Admission requirements:

VMU Study marketing office
Address: K.Donelaičio g.52, 114kab.
Telephones for inquiry: (8 – 37) 32 32 06, (8 – 37) 327990
E- post:

Entrants who possess university or non-university bachelor’s degree not in law can be acceptedto the joint* law degree study program

* Joint law degree studies: uninterrupted payable studies that cover both bachelor’s and master‘s degrees.


-Entrants who possess non-university professional bachelor’sdegree can be acceptedinto the second year of joint law studies
-Entrantswho possess university bachelor‘s degree can be accepted into the third year of joint law studies

Entrants entering joint law studies have to possess university or professionalbachelor’sdegree not formthe faculty of law. The entrantshave to have covered a certain number of credits from general and special education subjects and should have reached a certain English language level. More information can be found by visiting Law faculty in person.

If you have any questionsconcerning the entrance to joint law studies, please address Vytautas Magnus university Law faculty administration by calling 8-37-751 044


Stage 1: June 1 – July 3, 2015
Stage 2: July 3 – August 19, 2015

Entrance commission meeting:
Stage 1: 3 July 10:00 a.m. (Room 112, Jonavos street 66)

Stage 2: 21 August 10:00 a.m. (Room 112, Jonavos street 66)

Required documents:Copy of diploma;
Transcripts or copies of transcripts;
Certificate about bachelor‘s grade point average of the graduate class(not for VMU graduates);
Copy of passport’s last page including personal information or copy of personal identity card;
your picture
receipt copy of entrance fee
secondary school graduation certificate

Entrants who graduated from a different university than Vytautas Magnus will have to take a diagnostic English language test. The detailed information about the test will be announced at the start of the first stage of document submission.

Entrance fee:

To be submittedtoVDU account:
AB SEB bankas Nr. LT047044060002848625
Receiver: VDU
Receiver’s bank: AB SEB bankas
Title of the fee: Entrance fee/ entrance test
Fee: 7.24€/25 Lt.
Fee of diagnostic testof English: 4.34 €/15 Lt.

Competition grade is to be calculated on the basis of:

1. Bachelor‘s transcript arithmetic grade point average of all exams (A)
2. Bachelor‘s thesis evaluation (C)

Competition grade is calculated on the basis of the following formula K=0,8A+0,2C